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Reinventing Your Job Skills

Reinventing Your Job Skills

With the number of unemployed individuals growing and the number of available skills diminishing, reinventing your skill set and your marketability is an excellent idea. It is easy to become discouraged while looking for a job, especially when the economy is in such dire straits. Hiring is frozen in some fields and sluggish in others.

However, other industries seem to be muddling through this downturn and hiring opportunities do exist. Instead of falling into a depressed state of mind that leads you to inaction, consider reinventing your job skills along with your personal marketability. Several options are available to those who want to make themselves more marketable so that they can land a good job before the unemployment payments run out.

Job Readiness Skills

The first option is to expand the existing knowledge that you have in the same field that you were previously employed in. The second option is to completely reinvent your skill set and take up a new career. The third option is to reinvent yourself temporarily so that you can land a decent job while waiting to get back into the field that is closest to your heart.

Expanding your existing knowledge within your field of first choice might be the longest route back to a good job with a steady income. However, it also allows you to remain within your area of expertise while honing your skills and increasing your appeal to prospective employers. Take a few courses at the local community college and improve on what you already know. In fact, pick up skills that have changes over the last few years due to technological advances.

Taking up a new career isn’t necessarily going to lead to a quick path back to a job that offers security either. However, it does offer an excellent opportunity to open a few doors that might lead to successful reentry into the work world. Additionally, a temporary retreat from your current skill set in order to find temporary employment is most likely the easiest strategy. Instead of going back to school and picking up an entirely new set of skills, you need to take a long look at what your current skills are along with a strategy to tweak them into something marketable that will lead to a job.

Both the second and third options involve reinventing the image that you present when applying for a job along with redefining what it is that you can do. Take a look at your existing skill set from every possible angle in order to ferret out a few new ideas.

Influencing Skills

In order to be successful in reinventing your skill set, create a list of each of your current skills including both those that you have previously used at work along with those that you haven’t had to use at your old place of employment. Next, take each of these skills and redefine them by listing all of the different types of jobs that can benefit from someone with those skills.

Forget about the fact that you haven’t worked in some of those fields of interest and apply for those jobs anyway. You should conduct a bit of research for any position that sparks your interest to help you with the interview process. Promote yourself in a positive manner with lots of enthusiasm.

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