Are You Lacking Job Interviews?

Getting a Job offer

As the economy slowly improves, you may still find that you are unemployed. It is time to consider that maybe “you” are the reason why.

Top Six Job Hunting Tips

Update your Resume

As I review applications and resumes daily, I feel that this would be of great help to those who many have forgotten the basics, or

Should I Put A Photo on My Resume?

Resume photo

The Short Answer Is – No. Putting photo on resume is a very bad idea. As the internet continues to grow, and social media becomes

Know Your Value!

Know your Value

It is sad that often times, things never seem to change in our work environment. New people will fill the now-vacant positions as you sell

Has Corporate forgot the employee?


Has corporate America lost its connection with its own workers? Too many times, I have encountered employees, who come to my office, who are unhappy