Top Six Job Hunting Tips

As I review applications and resumes daily, I feel that this would be of great help to those who many have forgotten the basics, or need to update their search techniques. Buckle up and take notes! These are some great job hunting tips.

1.    Review You Resume for Typos:
I know this may seem simple, but every day I review resumes with numerous typos and mistakes. After you create your resume, take a step back for an hour, or even overnight, and then go look at it. Reread your resume, in your head, and out loud. READ SLOWLY AND READ EXACTLY WHAT YOU SEE. Sometimes we can be reading something, and our mind will automatically fill in what is missing instead of what is on the page. Another good idea is to have someone you trust review the document for you, keeping an eye out for any mistakes or anything that sounds wrong.

2.    Be Positive At All Times:
When you receive a call for an interview or an inquiry about a follow-up on your resume, it is always best to keep a positive attitude. People can hear the difference in your voice, even over the phone, so smile when you talk. convey a good feeling through the conversation. There is no second chances for making first impressions.

3.    Honesty Is The Best Policy:
Do not lie about your education, credentials, certifications, etc. As recruiters, we do background checks and verify what is on your resume, in addition to the information you give us in your interview. The truth is always the right course of action. Sometimes lying about even the smallest things can make an employer wonder what big things you may lie about later on.

4.    Apply For Jobs You Qualify For:
Often times I receive resumes for positions from people who do not have any reason to apply for the job. It is really a waste of your time and mine. When I read your resume and see that you do not qualify at all, I never say “Oh, what a great person! What job can I find for him/her?” Instead I think, “This person didn’t even take the time to read the job description, how are they going to take the time and do the job we ask of them?” Take the time and apply only for jobs you know you can do.

5.    Dress Your Best:
Please come dressed for an interview. Within the first two minutes, I will know if you are serious about the job or if you are just going through the motions. We do not require you to dress up in a suit/dress, but please come in neat clothes, that are clean. A nice shirt, dress slacks or a tie would be nice. Do not come in with a baseball cap, sweatshirt or jeans. Don’t ever wear flip-flops. Your first impression with me will tell me that you care enough to make the extra effort.

6.    Be A Professional:
Don’t badmouth your previous employers. Don’t blame past co-workers. Don’t make excuses for anything. Tell me what you have learned from your past jobs, how you have grown in your field and what you are looking to gain from your next employment. Lastly, I want to know what you have to offer us as an employee.

These things may seem simple, but there are many times when people choose not to follow these job hunting tips and miss great opportunities for employment.

Please, tell me your thoughts! I would like to know about your experiences and you challenges. What kind of journey have you been on while seeking employment?


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