Has Corporate forgot the employee?

Has corporate America lost its connection with its own workers? Too many times, I have encountered employees, who come to my office, who are unhappy with their jobs.

In most cases, the employees come in to express their upset about their managers. “My manager doesn’t know the guidelines. How can he manage or guide me, when he doesn’t know how to do it right?” Some managers may also be taking credit for their employee’s work. The manager prefers to spend his time off the job, pretending that he is doing something important, or working. His desk is always clean, and shows no evidence of work or research, study or planning.

Situations like this can cause employees to seek other employment. How can this affect a company? When these employees leave, and eventually they will, a large cost will go into replacing the employee. First, you will have to post ads, and then take time out of your day to interview potential candidates. All this time costs employers money. What is included in the cost? The wages of the manager and the HR department, along with the cost of running posting on the internet or in local newspapers all account for costs associated with replacing an employee who quits.

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