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When kids don’t understand the subjects and/or homework, they can experience lower grades and self-esteem issues that can lead to behavioral problems. Children are also in danger of falling behind socially and academically.

If you like kids of all ages, you can communicate concepts and ideas, and have a good grounding in at least one subject, you can be a home tutor. This is a field with room for growth, as there will always be children and young people (kindergarten through college), who will need assistance with their classes and study material.

As a home tutor, you’ll work one-an-one basis to bring them up to speed and even beyond. You can specialize in teaching elementary reading and math skills, coach high school and college students on subjects such as Spanish, Algebra, English, or spur your pupils to succeed on SAT or MCAT (medical school entrance) exams.

Experience as a professional teacher is a plus, but not required. You need a good basic understanding of the subject or subjects you’ll be tutoring, plus the ability to communicate ideas and concepts clearly and effectively. You should have enthusiasm for your subjects and your students.

The advantages to this business are that you can work from home, start part time and with little investment. You get the satisfaction of helping students understand the concepts you’re teaching.

The only disadvantage is that won’t get rich, unless you look into expanding by adding partners/contractors to your service. You would then collect a finder’s fee for connecting the student with the tutor. The limits are only those you set on yourself.

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