Kids’ Taxi Service

Today’s kids are scheduled in a lot of school activities, soccer practice, Little League, ballet lessons, doctor appointments, after-school care, etc.; this can leave working parents with no time to work with all the drop-offs and pick-ups needed for the their children.

If you enjoy working with kids and have patience, then you can save the day with a kids’ taxi service. You’ll transport kids from point A to point B, helping parents to be available to work as needed.

The advantages to the kids’ taxi service are that you’ll build relationships with the parents and kids you drive on a routine basis. You’ll also get the satisfaction of knowing you’re helping parents’ lives run smoothly.

The disadvantage is that this is a heavy responsibility job. It’s up to you to make sure kids get safely into the facility where you’ve delivered them. Note that you can’t just drop them off and leave.

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