Know Your Value!

It is sad that often times, things never seem to change in our work environment. New people will fill the now-vacant positions as you sell them on what a wonderful company they are going to be working for. The downside is that you cannot tell them the truth; that they are entering into a horrible situation, managed by unethical administration, with no plans or intentions to help you.

As you begin looking for a new job, make sure that you ask if the position was newly created, or if you are someone’s replacement. Why is the position available suddenly? What is the work environment really like? Is this position micro-managed? Is there going to be room for advancement? Will you be given due credit for your ideas and initiatives? What is the performance review process going to be like in six months? What do you do, and whom do you go to, when you have a problem?

Keep all of these things in mind. Ask all of these questions. This is your only way to make sure that you don’t become trapped in a situation that isn’t’ in your best interest in the workplace. Your short-term goals should support your long-term goals and your life plan. Do not become sidetracked by poor opportunities, recognize them for what they are, and move forward.


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